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Acne Treatments

Acne Trouble

At some point or another acne will wreak havoc on our skin and often has a way of presenting itself at the most inconvenient of times! Acne can be embarrassing and is often as damaging to our self-esteem as it is for our skin. Fortunately, at Skintology we are prepared to handle the more severe cases of acne.*

For most of us acne is an inherited condition that affects our pores. Healthy skin typically sheds a single layer of dead skin cells each day while acne prone skin can shed as many as five layers of skin cells each day! Unfortunately, when the skin sheds this quickly our pores simply cannot expel the dead skin cells fast enough and these dead skin cells accumulate and become sticky clogging the pores. If this doesn’t sound bad enough changes to hormones trigger increased oil production which causes bacteria to form in the pores. The oil essentially feeds the bacteria causing it to grow. So while you may have been told bacteria is the cause of acne it is actually the caused by too many skin cells.

When the bacteria forms a lesion beneath the skin it is called a whitehead. When the bacteria forms a lesion above the skin in the form of an open pore it is called a blackhead. Blackheads sometimes will become infected when the oil in the pore builds up and becomes inflamed. If oil and dead skin cells continue to buildup, pressure is applied to the cells surrounding the pore the and the contents of the pore will overflow and spread to the surrounding skin. This material contains a lot of bacteria and often causes an infection of the skin resulting in pimples, pustules, nodules and cysts.

•Pimple-red bump containing acne bacteria

•Pustule-pimple containing white blood cells

•Nodule-Deeper lesion that forms deeper beneath the surface of the skin and often causes scarring

•Cyst-Group of pustules that form and typically have a diameter greater than 5mm

At Skintology we will work with you on a personal level, helping you receive the proper skin care protocol and regimen to reduce your acne condition.* Our highly trained physicians and laser technicians will first perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine your skin type, acne type and skin tolerance. We will discuss factors that cause breakouts such as stress, diet, cosmetic products, etc… We will then exfoliate your skin and perform extractions to clear out your pores.* We are equipped to handle all types of acne including teenage acne, hormonal acne and mature acne.*

Procedures we offer to help with acne include:

•Chemical Peels

•Laser Genesis (Yag)

•IPL (Intense Pulse Light) Photo Facial



*Results will vary by individual and Skintology does not guarantee certain results. Read our full disclaimer here.