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CryoTherapy Pain Relief

CryoCure Pain Relief

Local Cryotherapy treatments are used to reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling in targeted areas. Unlike Whole Body Cryotherapy, which triggers an internal systemic anti-inflammatory response in the body. Local are treatment only needs to be conducted for about 5-10 minutes, with a benefit exceeding that of hours of icing.


•Reduces pain in specific targeted areas

•Reduces inflammation and swelling

•4 times better lymphatic drainage and blood microcirculation

•Oxygenation and nourishment of the skin and subdermal tissues

CryoCure Cellulite Removal

Cellulite is the hemiation of subcutaneous fat within fibrous connective tissue that manifests topographically as skin dimpling and molecularity, often on the pelvic region, lower limbs, and abdomen. Cellulite freezing is a 15 minute treatment (per area) and causes fat cells to disintegrate, resulting in tightening and ‘shrinking’ of body areas. Cellulite freezing is most commonly applied to legs and hips.


•Reduces Cellulite

•Stops the development of new cellulite

•Prevents and eliminates varicose in the first stage

•Shaping legs, abdomen, buttocks and arms

•Strengthening of loose skin (from pregnancy and obesity)

•Relief of”heavy legs”

•Speed up the recovery of skin after liposuction, laser lipolysis and cavitation

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