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10 Tips For Your Perfect Wedding

Monthly Facial

The 6 month mark is an excellent time to begin your pre-wedding facial routine. This will allow adequate time to have your skin evaluated and to establish a regimen to ensure your skin is clear and hydrated. Facials are performed each month with your last facial no sooner than 1 month before wedding day. A traditional facial which involves cleansing, exfoliation, massage and extractions , however, if you are looking to transform the look and feel of your skin then do yourself a favor and book a laser facial or micro-needling treatment.


It is best to wax one week prior to your wedding. It always best to have a treatment at least a few months prior to avoid possible irritation. For permanent results we always recommend laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is an excellent alternative to waxing prior to your wedding. It will permanently remove hair in the treated areas. Laser hair removal typically takes 6-7 sessions at 5 week intervals to achieve full results.

Eyebrow Shaping

Professionally sculpted eyebrows add definition and polish to your face and should be addressed the week before, however, it is best to have a trial run about a month before your big day.


Spray (of course!) tanning should be performed 2 days before your wedding.

-Always remember prior to sunless tanning to exfoliate your skin with a scrub to ensure an even application.

–Apply lighter spray to the wrists, knees and elbows.

-Do a trial in advance

-Never go too dark

–Don’t forget to apply behind the ears and under the chin

-It is best to have manicure and pedicure 1 day before

Kissable Lips

Keep your lips free of dryness by exfoliating and applying moisturizer a few days before your wedding. Fillers such as Juvéderm Volbella are an excellent option to achieve plump well defined lips in time for your wedding day. It is important to remember to schedule a test run in advance so you can achieve predictable results.

Say Yes To Eyes

Eye pencil should last the whole day making your eyes pop out in photos. It is better to choose a super stay formula gel-like liquid or cake eyeliner. Your eye pencil and mascara should be waterproof to withstand the test of dancing and crying.

Sweat Free

Sweating can be embarrassing under normal circumstances, however, it is the last thing you will want to deal with on your wedding day. Fortunately, botox injections under the arm will keep you cool and comfortable and most importantly sweat free on your wedding day.

Avoid On Your Wedding Day

•Avoid foundation and powder with SPF because the sun protection in these products can reflect light when your photographer takes indoor photos using a flash creating patches on your skin. (moisturizer with SPF is no problem)

•Avoid lip gloss because it doesn’t last long and isn’t kissable (sticky), can smudge and even migrate to your cheeks or hair.

The Groom

One or two weeks before the wedding the groom should get a proper hair cut. It should be thinned out but not too short to avoid having freshly cut hair on the day of the wedding. On the actual day of the wedding the groom should shave the neck and the chin up to the sideburns.

Last advice to groom; a bit of makeup is okay on your wedding day!


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