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Laser Skin Tightening

Laser Skin Tightening

Loose sagging skin on the face and body is a clear tell all sign of aging. Fortunately, technological advancements have made effective non-surgical skin tightening a solution to this common problem. At the forefront of this technological renaissance is the combination of Radio Frequency and Ultrasound to tighten and smooth the skin. This unique pairing tightens sagging loose skin providing a tight, smooth and sleek look and feel.

Our revolutionary procedure effectively tightens skin, treats wrinkles and reduces the appearance of cellulite. The treatments are comfortable with very little risk of side effects. The best part about this treatment is it requires NO downtime! Patients are able to resume normal activities almost immediately after.



•Smoothes wrinkly uneven skin

•Removes wrinkles and fine lines around facial features including eyes, jaw and neckline

•Smoothes and tones the face and body

•Regenerates collagen to restore natural youthful appearance

•Targets problem areas


Small area treatments typically require just 20 minutes while larger area treatments require up to 30 minutes!


Only one treatment is required to see results!


Skin tightening through combined mediums offers unprecedented results given the amount of power delivered with each application. Results will be noticeable immediately and will continue to improve over the course of 6 months. Results typically last 18 months at which point minor touchups are recommended for maintenance.


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