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With more than 15 years of experience removing tattoos using our Medlite C6 we are excited to introduced PicoSure. Our PicoSure is fully equipped with all three wavelengths (532nm, 755nm and 1064nm)  for tattoo removal, pigmented lesion reduction as well as acne scar and wrinkles!* PicoSure can be used on skin types I-IV!*

Tattoo Removal

Our PicoSure system delivers pulses in picoseconds. A pico second is one trillionth of a second! Unlike thermal pulses the Pico Pulses are mechanical and are more effective at shattering the ink particles.* PicoSure is also able to deal with stubborn colors a traditional laser cannot such as blue and green ink.* It can also be used to in areas that have already received a laser previously.* All procedures are performed with our medical chiller providing a more comfortable experience possible, limiting the amount of topical required.* Tattoo removal is overseen by our dermatologist Dr. Morris Westfried who has more than 20 years of experience practicing.


-black tattoos -brown tattoos
-red tattoos -blue tattoos
-yellow tattoos -pink tattoos
-green tattoos -purple tattoos

Skin Revitalization (PicoSure Focus)

PicoSure is can also help improve the appearance of skin.* PicoSure uses a brand new system called the Focus lens which helps activates the body’s natural response.*

Used for:


-acne scars

-dark spots

-sun spots



*Results will vary by individual and Skintology does not guarantee certain results. Read our full disclaimer here.