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PRP Hair Therapy

Hair loss is a common problem amongst men and women that can cause physiological distress and is a major contributing factor to low self-esteem and depression.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a revolutionary new method used in treating various types of alopecia and hair loss.

Platelet Rich Plamsa (PRP) hair therapy has proven to be extremely effective at restoring hair in male and female patients.

Our Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) contains active growth factors which will promote hair growth and effectively restore one’s confidence with fuller and healthier looking hair.

Advantages of PRP

  • Simple Non-Surgical Procedure
  • Safe
  • Fast Recovery
  • Procedure Lasts Just 50-60 Minutes

A significant improvement in hair regeneration and reduction in hair loss between the first and fourth injection.

How does the procedure work?
Certified physicians and nurses draw a small amount of blood which is then treated in a centrifuge. The result is a highly concentrated formula of enriched cells (PRP). This plasma is combined with essential growth proteins and is injected into the scalp.


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