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THERMIsmooth Face

THERMIsmooth Face

Skintology Cosmedical Aesthetics is very excited to offer an amazing new technology to our practice. The THERMIsmooth is the newest and most advanced radio frequency skin tightening device on the market to date featuring a uniquely designed temperature controlled handpick.

How Does THERMIsmooth work?

THERMIsmooth uses radio frequency energy to heat the skin stimulating natural collagen production. The advanced temperature controlled hand piece allows your Skintology practitioner to precisely control the amount of energy delivered to the skin ensuring each patient receives a custom treatment targeting the specific problem areas intended.


THERMIsmooth is safe and painless with patients describing treatments that feel comparable to a hot stone massage. There is no recovery time as treatments are very gentle. Most patients begin to see results from the THERMIsmooth after the first treatment, although multiple treatments are often recommended to achieve optimal results. This is because collagenesis (enhancement and production of collagen) is a gradual process. Results typically last a year or more and we do recommend a short maintenance visit every 12 months to preserve results and ensure continuous collagenesis.



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