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Whole Body CryoTherapy

Whole Body CryoTherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy is a revolutionary method of cold therapy. Step into the CryoSauna for an invigorating 3 minute session exposing your body to subzero temperatures ranging from -200֯F to -300֯F. This three minute experience activates a powerful immune response causing the skin’s cold receptors to stimulate the nervous system. The body reacts by going into survival mode triggering a chain of powerful biological mechanisms engaging the body’s most crucial systems. Vasoconstriction occurs and blood is redirected from the skin to preserve vital organs and maintain core temperature, When the patient re-enters a room-temperature environment, vasodilatation occurs and the blood rushes back to the skin. Blood circulation is naturally stimulated and oxygenated blood is delivered to damage tissue. At Skintology Cosmedical Aesthetics we pride ourselves in offering a holistic approach to beauty and wellness.


Health Benefits

Beauty Benefits

CryoTherapy improves circulation, lymphatic drainage, energy and overall endurance by reducing muscle soreness, pain, delayed onset muscle soreness, fatigue and inflammation.  The result is effective treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory disorders which include:

In addition to having extensive healing properties CryoTherapy is excellent for healthy people as well with various health and beauty benefits including:

•Fibromyalgia  •Tighter Healthier Skin
•Osteoporosis  •Improved Surgical Recovery
•Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  •Cellulite Reduction
•Rheumatoid Arthritis  •Increased Metabolism and Calorie Reduction
•Osteoarthritis  •Effectively Treats Dermatitis and Psoriasis
•Depression and Mood Disorders  •Increased Collagen Production
•Multiple Sclerosis (MS) •Improved Circulation
•Chronic Pain Syndrom •Promotes Weight Loss
•Inflammation of the tendons and joints •Reduces Appearance of Cellulite
•Inflammation of the spine •Increases Testosterone Level
•Boosts Metabolism •Alleviates Depression
 •Stress Relief •Rejuvenates The Skin and Body

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