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August 22, 2017

5 Winter Habits To Looking and Feeling Amazing

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Winter is the best time to work on our health and bodies. Spring will be here before we know it. These 5 winter habits will keep you looking and feeling amazing:

Ice Skating

-is not only fun it is an awesome way to improve your endurance while burning fat and improving your cardiovascular health. In addition ice skating will also help you build up the muscles in your legs which reduces cellulite. Ice skating also will help you to improve your balance!


-is a low impact safe winter activity which offers an excellent way to keep your mind and body healthy. Don’t underestimate its efficacy-on average you will burn about 415 calories each hour you walk.


-the benefits of yoga are extensive ranging from increased muscle strength and definition to improved respiration, energy, athletic performance and flexibility. Yoga, prevents the joints from deteriorating by stretching out the cartilage. Yoga is excellent for the body’s systems by supporting lymphatic drainage, blood flow as well as strengthening the bones and spine.


– is an excellent activity to fight aging. A recent study indicated that regular swimmers are biologically 20 years younger than their actual age with dramatically improved blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Swimming is amazing for improving cognitive function, muscle mass, cardiovascular performance and blood chemistry.


-in addition to being fun and social dancing will keep your mind and body healthy. Studies show dancing will help you stay flexible, lose weight, reduce stress, make friends and reduce your risk for Alzheimer’s disease.


August 16, 2017

5 Simple Habits to Feel Healthy and Look Great

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Achieving health and optimal fitness may seem like a daunting challenge, however, by following these 5 simple habits you will be on your way to looking and feeling great by spring time!

how to be healthy

    1. Always drink 8-12 glasses of water daily-drinking water promotes an active metabolism and will help you burn more calories and more fat each day!
    2. Sleep 8 hours each night-studies have indicated people who do not receive adequate sleep are 55% less likely to achieve a reduction in fat loss. Lack of sleep disrupts the body’s ability to regulate insulin and also causes fatigue which will inhibit your exercise regimen.
    3. Eat 5-6 small meals-By eating 5-6 small meals you will prevent overeating, speed up your metabolism and effectively regulate blood sugar levels throughout the day.
    4. Eat 30 grams of fiber each day-By eating fiber rich foods such as fruits and vegetables that move quickly through the digestive track reduces the risk for obesity, heart disease and diabetes.
    5. Incorporate 30 minutes of cardio 3-5 times each week-Cardiovascular exercise is critical for heart health and promotes stamina. Not to mention cardio will burn excess fat and even contribute to muscle gains.

July 6, 2017

Acne Troubles

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Do you ever wonder what makes your skin break out? Not only is acne unsightly, but it’s painful. Our client Lydia was extremely dissatisfied with her skin after having suffered a recent breakout and came to us for help…

Acne Troubles-1When Lydia arrived, she explained that she had recently broken out all over her forehead and couldn’t figure out why. In order to track her progress, we took before and after photos.

Acne Troubles-2Our wonderful esthetician Natalie Litovskaya was paired with the client, and realized that Lydia does not actually have acne-prone skin. “Her skin is sensitive,” Natalie explained, “and the products she’s using are too harsh. The irritation is making her breakouts spread.” The client had recently been prescribed Retinol, a treatment much too intense for her delicate skin. Retinoids, when spread onto the skin’s surface, can unclog pores, which allows products to better absorb into the epidermis. They can also mitigate breakouts by preventing dead skin cells from spreading into the pores and causing pimples. Therefore, these creams can be good for acne-prone skin upon an expert’s recommendation. However, during the summertime–and especially people with sensitive skin–retinol is not a good option. A strong medication, retinol increases sun sensitivity and can therefore cause pigmentation and sun spots.

Natalie gave Lydia an oxygen facial, performing extractions and hydrating the skin. Afterwards, she told Lydia to exfoliate once a week with a gentle, natural exfoliant in order to prevent bacteria from spreading. When the client gets small acne spots, Natalie recommended that she use a drying lotion on the affected area only. Additionally, Natalie recommended that the client use a mask on the affected areas about once a week. Lydia left very happy, with a much deeper understanding of her skin. Most dermatologists she had been to were too eager to prescribe creams in order to make money. At Skintology, we take our time to examine the layers of your skin during facials and promise to leave you with the best skin possible.

Acne Troubles-3Lydia one day after treatment. Extractions are inflamed and red but will go down soon. Stay tuned to see Lydia’s skin transformation!