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Acne Troubles

Do you ever wonder what makes your skin break out? Not only is acne unsightly, but it’s painful. Our client Lydia was extremely dissatisfied with her skin after having suffered a recent breakout and came to us for help…

Acne Troubles-1When Lydia arrived, she explained that she had recently broken out all over her forehead and couldn’t figure out why. In order to track her progress, we took before and after photos.

Acne Troubles-2Our wonderful esthetician Natalie Litovskaya was paired with the client, and realized that Lydia does not actually have acne-prone skin. “Her skin is sensitive,” Natalie explained, “and the products she’s using are too harsh. The irritation is making her breakouts spread.” The client had recently been prescribed Retinol, a treatment much too intense for her delicate skin. Retinoids, when spread onto the skin’s surface, can unclog pores, which allows products to better absorb into the epidermis. They can also mitigate breakouts by preventing dead skin cells from spreading into the pores and causing pimples. Therefore, these creams can be good for acne-prone skin upon an expert’s recommendation. However, during the summertime–and especially people with sensitive skin–retinol is not a good option. A strong medication, retinol increases sun sensitivity and can therefore cause pigmentation and sun spots.

Natalie gave Lydia an oxygen facial, performing extractions and hydrating the skin. Afterwards, she told Lydia to exfoliate once a week with a gentle, natural exfoliant in order to prevent bacteria from spreading. When the client gets small acne spots, Natalie recommended that she use a drying lotion on the affected area only. Additionally, Natalie recommended that the client use a mask on the affected areas about once a week. Lydia left very happy, with a much deeper understanding of her skin. Most dermatologists she had been to were too eager to prescribe creams in order to make money. At Skintology, we take our time to examine the layers of your skin during facials and promise to leave you with the best skin possible.

Acne Troubles-3Lydia one day after treatment. Extractions are inflamed and red but will go down soon. Stay tuned to see Lydia’s skin transformation!