Skintology Medical Spa offers CoolSculpting® fat reduction treatments to freeze away stubborn fat and give you the sculpted, healthier, and aesthetically pleasing appearance you have dreamed of. Our team of experts is confident that our expertise and advanced CoolSculpting technology in New York City can help you achieve the look you desire. We welcome you to contact our office at (212) 832-2225 to find out how CoolSculpting in New York, New York, can benefit you, and to schedule your complimentary consultation with our CoolSculpting experts.

CoolSculpting is the ideal treatment for anyone with “pinchable” fat – such as fat in love handles, back, chin, upper arms, abdomen, and thighs. Fat in these pinching fatareas can be extremely difficult to get rid of with diet and exercise, making CoolSculpting an excellent option for reducing and removing cellulite to give you a slimmer and healthier appearance.

CoolSculpting fat reduction involves the use of specialized technology. This treatment delivers precise cooling to fatty areas of the body, gently targeting the fat cells under the skin to freeze them so that you body can naturally process and remove the fat. As fat cells are highly sensitive to cold injury, they respond immediately when you begin treatment, resulting in effective fat reduction without any damage to the surrounding nerve, skin, and muscle tissues.

In clinical studies, cryolipolysis procedures such as CoolSculpting have been shown to be highly effective. Patients saw an up to 25% subcutaneous fat reduction in treated areas after only one treatment, with over 85% of subjects seeing some sort of improvement overall. Patient satisfaction was also higher than with other noninvasive lipolysis procedures.

There are many benefits to CoolSculpting, including:

coolscultping machine in use
  • A completely non-invasive treatment
  • No needles or surgery needed
  • No downtime for recover required
  • Permanent fat removal



You will not need any recovery time following your CoolSculpting procedure, and can return to your regular daily activities when you leave our practice. You may experience some numbness over the next several weeks while fat is depleted from your body, as well as some tenderness, redness, or bruising in the treated area. These symptoms will dissipate in time.

You will see results from your treatment about two weeks following your session, with the full results of your procedure becoming apparent two to four months after treatment. Results may vary slightly between individuals.

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What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a fat reduction and body sculpting procedure which works through a process known as Cryolipolysis®. CoolSculpting freezes fat cells under the skin, which enables your body to naturally process those cells to give a sleeker, slimmer look.

Does CoolSculpting work?

Yes! Fat cells are sensitive to cold temperatures, and when your cells freeze it triggers the “healing response” in your body immediately. But don’t worry, CoolSculpting uses a very gentle and non-invasive freezing process, and will not affect your nerves, skin, or muscle tissue.

Who should consider CoolSculpting as a treatment option?

Coolsculpting is an excellent treatment for those with love handles, a double chin, or bra fat. Fat on the thighs, upper arms. Or abdomen can also be difficult to lose. If this is your situation, we welcome you to speak with us about CoolSculpting.

What advantages does CoolSculpting provide?

  • Coolsculpting is completely non-invasive – no surgery and no needles required!
  • Up to 20-25% reduction of fat cells in the treated area
  • Permanent fat removal

How long will it take to see results from my treatment?

You should begin to see a difference in your appearance about two weeks after your CoolSculpting procedure. The full results should be visible in two to four months. Results may vary between individuals.

Does CoolSculpting require any recovery time?

CoolSculpting does not require any downtime. You can return to your regular daily activities as soon as you leave our office!

What can I expect following treatment?

You may experience some initial bruising or redness after your treatment, and some numbness in the treated area for a few weeks. However, you may resume your day-to-day activities without waiting to recover.

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Why Choose Skintology MedSpa?

Situated in a state-of-the-art facility and offering mulitple CoolSculpting® and fat reduction treatments, our team only uses advanced technologies and treatments for all our clients. During each consultation, our fully-qualified technicians carefully advise clients on which procedure is best suited for their unique body type and needs.

At Skintology by Dr. Jennifer Walden / The Medspa Manhattan, we are honored to offer both CoolSculpting and SculpSure® to all of New York and surrounding areas. In fact, we are one of the only New York body sculpting practices to offer both of these procedures to help our clients achieve the results they desire. We welcome you to call us today at (212) 832-2225 to schedule your free consultation with our experts.