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Exilis Ultra

BTL Exilis Ultra

The Exilis Ultra simultaneously transmits radio frequency (RF) and ultrasound energy into the skin. The doctors at Skintology use the tool for skin tightening services. As we age, our skin continues to sage and wrinkle, but use of specialized equipment, like the Exilis Ultra, can help reduce the effect of age.*

Ultherapy+Thermage=Exilis Ultra

Target Areas

The Eyes Exilis Ultra assists in the reduction of bags under the eyes, wrinkled and sagging skin.* 

The Face The tool also helps in the reduction of sagging wrinkled skin around the mouth, jawline, and forehead.* The most commonly targeted face areas include:

•Lower Face •Loose Jaw Line
•Jowls •Under Eyes
•Double Chin •Turkey Neck


The Body The most commonly targeted body areas include:

•Arms •Male Breasts (Gynecomastia)
•Back and Bra Fat •Minimize bulges and dimples
•Love Handles and Muffin Top •Eliminate cellulite
•Butt •Muscle Definition For Men
•Inner and Outer Thighs •Knees
•Elbows •Thighs


Butt LiftA firm, perky and well-defined butt is a symbol of youth and beauty that completes the hourglass figure. Use of Exilis Ultra can aid in lifting the tissue and helping tighten the skin.*

Breast LiftHelp improves your beautiful, shapely, natural breasts without painful and highly invasive augmentation surgery. Exilis Ultra can help lift and plump the breasts!*