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Sweater season is over! With summer’s arrival, people are looking forward to wearing swimsuits, shorts, tanks and more. What you may want to be rid of is unwanted hair before you hop into clothes with less coverage. You can take on the weekly and tedious task of shaving, tweezing or waxing, but what wouldn’t it be better to remove those growing hairs completely? One option many people are turning to is laser hair removal.

This easy procedure is done through state-of-the-art laser technology and permanently removes hair from any area of your body. What this treatment does is use a laser to damage the hair follicles, targeting pigments within the root. This will, in turn, generate heat to prevent it from growing again in the future. And because laser pulses can treat several hairs at once, small areas can be done in minutes! This can take multiple treatments, but it’s well worth the final result. No more cuts from razors, hot wax or paying for yearly expenses when you have a permanent solution!

Another option many turn to is electrolysis; this procedure involves putting an electrical current to the hair follicle with a very small needle, damaging the follicle and preventing hair growth. Like laser hair removal, it would take multiple sessions to treat the area. Unlike laser removal that is more successful with light skin and dark hair, electrolysis can cover anyone no matter what their skin or hair color. This is due to the fact that it focuses on the hair follicle rather than the hair pigment. However, it is a more outdated form of successfully removing the follicle permanently, as the treatment time is slower than the handpiece used for laser hair removal.

With a consultation, you can find the quick solution to how you can get the best result for you and your body. Speak with one of our professionals here at Skintology in New York today so you can get to your summer full of fun and sun with smooth skin! They cover anywhere from small to large areas of the body and give the best recommendations for your specific skin and hair type. Call 212.832.2225 for more information!