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Here’s Why CoolSculpting Should Be on Your Radar Now

Bikini season seems lightyears away at this point in the year when we and our overcoat are tied at the hip. Talking about body sculpting may feel absurd. There are months ahead during which we can start to think about how we want to look during the summer months, right? Yes. But that doesn’t mean you should wait. Here, we want to talk about CoolSculpting and why now is a great time to turn your attention to your summertime body.

What CoolSculpting Is All About

CoolSculpting has made great waves in the body-sculpting world. Many men and women spend hours in the hot yoga studio and spin classes and still struggle with a stubborn little fat here and there. And let’s say that intense workouts aren’t your thing. That’s ok! Just a few fat-freezing treatments, and you can enjoy a slimmer waistline come Summer. The way that CoolSculpting works on fat are by cooling cells to such a degree that the lipids inside of them, the content that makes them expand, crystallize. This is referred to as cryolipolysis, the destruction of unwanted fat by freezing.

Results of Fat-Freezing

One of the important details about CoolSculpting is that the cryolipolysis process only begins during treatment. The body-slimming that you want to see will happen gradually over several weeks. Experts agree that results continue to progress with more treatments, with as much as 25% fat reduction occurring in a given treatment area from each treatment session. 25% sounds like a lot, but patients do need to understand that, as this relates to overall contouring, the visible change is mild – a little at a time.

Another aspect of results that is important to discuss is the matter of weight. CoolSculpting is similar to liposuction in that the goal is to refine the shape of the body, not to achieve a reduction in pounds. Cryolipolysis is more about dropping that muffin top, that double-chin, or the fat that lingers around the bra line. When you see a difference in your shape, it won’t matter what the scale says.

When to Get Started

Here is what we need to talk about right now: timing. Keeping in mind that CoolSculpting and cryolipolysis take months to achieve noticeable results, it is ideal to start treatment 3 months or more before you want to show off your newly contoured body. Some sessions may be warranted, and need to be scheduled 6 to 8 weeks apart. This also relates to when you want to commence with your body-shaping journey.

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