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Aren’t fat cells annoying? You can’t see them, directly touch them, or let alone get rid of them when you want. Diet and exercise are a long process that doesn’t always give you the results you’re looking for, but you can definitely find other healthy alternatives. For example, SculpSure is a great solution to those seeking to get rid of these fat cells. SculpSure is an easy, accessible treatment that gets you back on your feet in little to no time.

First, here’s a little information about fat cells that you should know before considering SculpSure. Fat cells are with you from the beginning as a baby, and as you develop, the number of fat cells grow from ten billion to twenty billion. Don’t worry! That’s about the average of a healthy person’s fat cell count. This can increase though if you overeat and feed your body more calories than it can burn. Our fat cells have the ability to grow much bigger than their original size, soaking up extra lipids (organic fat compounds) like a sponge.

Weight gain is the result of these fat cells taking on these lipids and accumulating over time since they’re not used. SculpSure works by targeting laser energy towards these fat cells. This doesn’t affect your skin, and the laser temperature melts away fat cells, damaging their structure. Over the next few months, your body eliminates these damaged cells, completely removing the extra fat cells so they won’t redevelop.

We can help those looking to specifically target problem areas in the abdomen, neck, upper arms, hips and some areas that have cellulite. If you have questions about how fat cells develop or how you can get rid of them using the innovative treatment, SculpSure, give us a call today.