Our skilled doctors offer ingrown hair removal for those who suffer from ingrown hairs after waxing or shaving. Ingrown hairs can occur at any place on the body, but are most common in areas that are regularly shaved. For more information about ingrown hair removal in New York, New York, and to set up a consultation, call Skintology Medical Spa at (212) 832-2225.

When you remove hair, it usually grows back. Most hair shafts will grow up through the skin without difficulty, but in some cases the hairs may grow underneath the skin after you have shaved or waxed. When hair curls and grows into your skin, your body responds to it as if it were a foreign object, and you may experience symptoms such as pain, itching, redness, or swelling.

When you receive treatment for ingrown hair, our team will gently steam, cleanse, and exfoliate the problem area. We will then carefully remove each ingrown hair with a sterile disposable instrument before using a high-frequency technique to disinfect the area of harmful bacteria and minimize your risk for infection. This treatment is available for all skin types, including individuals with sensitive skin.

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What is an ingrown hair?

An ingrown hair occurs when a strand of hair does not fully erupt from the skin, instead growing back on itself. Though this condition can occur anywhere on the body, it is most common in areas where the skin is shaved or waxed.

What are the symptoms of an ingrown hair?

Common symptoms include itching and tenderness. Ingrown hairs are also often characterized by pinpoint red or pink bumps on the skin, and sometimes the curled hair may be slightly visible at the center of the bump.

Is there a way to prevent ingrown hairs?

Try these tips every time your shave to help prevent ingrown hairs:

  • Rub the area in a circular motion using a wet washcloth or an exfoliating scrub
  • Shave with a sharp, single-blade razor
  • Wet your skin with warm water and apply a lubricating gel before shaving
  • Use as few razor strokes as possible
  • Rinse the blade with water after each stroke
  • Don’t shave too closely to your skin
  • If using an electric razor, hold it slightly above the surface of your skin
  • Apply a cool washcloth after shaving to reduce irritation

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At Skintology Medical Spa, we are happy to treat patients of all kinds, and we are happy to help treat any problem areas you may have on your body. Many of our services help improve your appearance, but we understand that it is also important to maintain a healthy body in every way. With that in mind, we use our state-of-the-art facility to treat common and minor skin issues, such as ingrown hairs. Contact us today to learn more, and to set up your consultation!