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Nonsurgical Breast and Buttocks Lift in NYC

Nonsurgical Breast and Buttocks Lift in NYC

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Skintology MedSpa by Dr. Jennifer Waldenoffers noninvasive breast and buttock lift to tighten the tissues beneath the surface of the skin and improve skin laxity and elasticity. Our breast and buttock lift procedures are designed to be comfortable and effective so that you can achieve the look you desire without extensive downtime for recovery. We invite you to call our office at (212) 832-2225 to learn more about breast and butt lifts in New York, NY, and to schedule your consultation with our experienced expert providers.

"I have been a client with Skintology Medspa since 2016. I am always provided great service, patience and a positive experience." - A.M.

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How Does Dr. Walden Perform Non-Surgical Breast & Butt Lifts?

Skintology MedSpa by Dr. Jennifer Walden uses customized treatment techniques that rely on a unique combination of radiofrequency and ultrasound waves to target the deepest layers of skin in the treated areas. The radiofrequency technology heats the deep layers of the skin without causing tissue damage, triggering your body’s natural healing response. Our ultrasound technology delivers focused energy to your skin to stimulate collagen production. These two technologies combine to tighten and regenerate your skin, lifting tissue without the need for surgery or causing disruption to the surface of your skin. We also use platelet-rich plasma (PRP) techniques and injectable soft tissue fillers such as Sculptra to help in achieving nonsurgical results.

Nonsurgical Breast Lift

Breast lifts, also known as a Mastopexy, raise the breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the new contours of your breasts. Your breasts often change over time, losing shape, firmness, and elasticity due to a variety of factors, such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, aging, gravity, and heredity. Breast lifts help to rejuvenate your figure to give you a more youthful profile. Our non-surgical mastopexy is an alternative to more invasive procedures for helping to improve elasticity and correcting skin laxity which can be done by injecting PRP, Sculptra, or a special-ordered product called amnion along the decollete and cleavage area as well as the breasts themselves at times.

Nonsurgical Buttock Lift

Buttock lifts are intended to improve the size and shape of the buttocks so that it better fits the figure and provides an attractive rear end. Our nonsurgical buttock lift is an excellent option for anyone who wants to lift, tighten, and recontour the skin surrounding their buttocks. We use techniques such as Sculptra injections that promote natural lifting and collagen production with tightening of the tissues beneath the surface of the skin to produce excellent results without any surgical procedure or anesthesia required.

For more information about nonsurgical breast and buttock lifts, contact Skintology MedSpa by Dr. Jennifer Walden today.

What is platelet-rich plasma, and how is it used in a nonsurgical breast and butt lift?

Platelets in human blood are amazing little healing powerhouses. We put them to work in platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Here’s how it works. We take a sample of your blood and place it in a centrifuge. We separate out the red blood cells. This leaves a concentrated mix of plasma, white blood cells, and blood platelets. But now the platelet ratio is higher, four times higher, thanks to the removal of the red blood cells. Now you have platelet-rich plasma.

Platelets help promote healing, accelerate tissue regeneration, and stimulate new cellular growth. They do this through various protein growth factors:

  • Platelet-Derived Growth Factor (PDGF) — Promotes blood vessel growth, cell replication, and collagen production.
  • Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) — Promotes growth and generation of vascular endothelial cells.
  • Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) — Promotes the growth of new skin cells, wound healing, and collagen production.
  • Transforming Growth Factor Beta (TGF-b) — Promotes the growth of skin cells and blood vessels necessary for wound healing.
  • Fibroblast Growth Factor-2 (FGF-2) — Promotes the growth of specialized cells and blood vessels.
  • Insulin-Like Growth Factor (IGF) — This is the regulator of normal physiology in nearly every type of cell in the human body.
Blood plasma in hands for PRP therapy

What is Sculptra, and How is it Used for Non-Surgical Breast & Buttock Lifts

You know how most dermal fillers work — as their name implies, they simply “fill” in the space where injected, pushing the skin back upwards or adding volume to areas where volume has been lost.

Sculptra is different; its results are not immediate. Sculptra is made from poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), which works within the skin to replace lost collagen. Sculptra is the first injectable that gives you subtle results over time as collagen is replaced. This makes for a natural-looking appearance that improves over time, not an instant change as with other fillers. Sculptra is injected in three sessions over three to four months for the best results. These results can then last for two years!

"I've had multiple Sculpsure treatments with Yana last year and love them! So I started this year again for some more sessions on my abdomen and waist, need to get ready for that swimsuit season! I love skintology because I can make appointment through email and everyone of their staff is very professional." - D.Z.

What are the benefits of a nonsurgical breast lift?

The main benefit is that you can avoid the extensive surgery, recovery, and scarring that, unfortunately, are a part of a surgical breast lift. Depending on the degree of sagging skin, incisions made for these procedures can resemble a lollipop (circling the areola and running down to the breast crease) or an anchor (think lollipop and then extend in both directions along the breast crease). These will leave extensive scars, as you would assume.

Female breast augmentation with hyaluronic acid injection, the doctor holds a syringe with hiluric acid on the background of the girl's bust

Also, you don’t have the possible problems with anesthesia and healing that are a part of any surgery.

In a surgical breast lift, the patient’s nipple/areola complex is often moved to match the excised skin. That won’t happen with a nonsurgical mastopexy.

These are outpatient procedures that use platelet-rich plasma, which is created wholly from the patient’s own blood, so there isn’t any danger of a reaction.

The nonsurgical breast lifts cannot achieve what surgery can, but they will rejuvenate the skin, return a level of perkiness, and increase collagen and elastin production in the breasts.

What are the benefits of a nonsurgical buttocks lift?

Surgery to place silicone butt implants is rarely performed any more, as there were many difficulties with implants shifting over time. The other surgical option for adding shape and volume to the buttocks is the Brazilian butt lift. In this procedure, a patient’s fat is harvested from an unwanted area such as the abdomen and it is injected back into the buttocks to add volume.

This has been a popular procedure over the past few years, but there have been concerns with possible adverse reactions and even death with these procedures.

The nonsurgical buttocks lift with Dr. Walden uses Sculptra instead of fat. Sculptra, as described above, stimulates the body to produce new amounts of collagen and elastin. This improves firmness, elasticity, and overall skin quality.

Nonsurgical butt lifts add projection, natural contour, and smoothness to the patient’s backside. Sculptra can also be used to fine-tune key aspects of the bottom, things like perking up just the tops of the cheeks. The increase that can be achieved with Sculptra can vary with how the patient’s body responds to the poly-l-lactic acid that encourages collagen production, but increases in excess of 20 percent can be achievable in various areas.

Woman measures her buttocks, losing weight

Who are ideal candidates for nonsurgical breast lifts and nonsurgical buttocks lifts?

Patients who are right for these procedures first off understand their limitations. These nonsurgical methods cannot replicate the degree of change made with either a surgical breast lift or a Brazilian butt lift. That’s what makes them good candidates for nonsurgical options — they know these methods will rejuvenate these areas and add some volume — but they’re not going to replicate actual surgery.

Patients also need to understand that these nonsurgical approaches are not permanent. PRP for breast lifts help encourage all sorts of new collagen production thanks to the growth factors, platelets, stem cells, and even white blood cells. But these results don’t last forever. If you seek to maintain these results beyond their duration, another session will be necessary.

Increase your breast size. Cropped photo of woman waiting for plastic surgery while surgeons in blue medical gloves measuring her breast

As for Sculptra and buttocks lifts, results can last for up to two years. At that point, another Sculptra session would be necessary to maintain your rounder, firmer shape.

What should I expect during a nonsurgical breast lift?

These procedures are the same as you may have heard when PRP is used to help recovery after injury or surgery, facial skin rejuvenation, or hair restoration. It starts with the drawing of 20 ml of the patient’s blood, basically the amount taken for a blood test. The blood is spun two times in a tabletop centrifuge to create the platelet-rich plasma. Dr. Walden then takes the vials of PRP and injects them into the areas on the breasts where time has taken a toll. The PRP then gets to work with all of its healing and rejuvenation powers to aid in improving existing tissue and actually build new tissue. This will firm and lift the breasts. There is no recovery, and you can get right back to your normal activities.

What should I expect during a nonsurgical buttocks lift?

When Sculptra is used for buttocks lifts, it is diluted significantly from how it is used on the face. This encourages it to spread to wider areas and decreases the possibility of developing lumps. After Dr. Walden has diluted the Sculptra, she injects the dermal filler into the areas you seek to augment or lift. Sculptra is injected in three sessions. Each session is separated by 4-8 weeks. This gives time for the poly-L-lactic acid to kick start collagen production. As your results build, Dr. Walden and you can decide the areas that need further attention. There is no recovery after these sessions.

Beautician doing Injection into female buttocks close-up

Invasive versus non-invasive procedures

As mentioned, patients need to have realistic expectations from these nonsurgical procedures. Surgical breast lifts remove excess skin, tighten muscles where needed, and usually move the nipple/areola complex higher. The goal of these surgeries is to return the breasts to a higher position on the chest.

Nonsurgical breast lifts obviously don’t remove sagging skin. Their goals are simpler: to rejuvenate and firm the skin of the breasts.

Brazilian butt lifts combine liposuction of fat from unwanted areas with injecting that fat into areas on the backside where it is wanted. Depending on the amount of fat harvested, a patient can see real volume gains on her bottom after these procedures. The problem is that sometimes the results are uneven, as it is difficult to know just how much of the fat will acquire a blood supply and “take.”

Butt lifts with Sculptra have the goal of adding gradual volume to the injection sites. This gradual increase in volume comes as the poly-L-lactic acid triggers the production of new collagen and elastin. These butt lifts will add some projection, natural contour, and smoothness.

Are there risks associated with nonsurgical breast and butt lifts?

When PRP is used for these procedures, the risks are quite low. PRP is produced from blood taken from the patient’s body, so there can’t be any reactions when it is injected back into the body.

Using Sculptra for these procedures is “off-label.” This means the FDA has not approved it specifically for this use. It has a long track record of successful use on the face, but Sculptra is used in much higher amounts for buttocks augmentation. There are no long-term studies of the filler being used this way.

The typical risks with Sculptra are the possible formation of lumps. It also can create redness, swelling, tenderness, and itching at the injection sites. The body accepts PLLA, so there should not be problems with reactions.


A breast lift is a procedure that elevates the position of the breasts and tightens skin and tissues to produce a more youthful and aesthetic appearance.

If you are experiencing skin laxity due to aging, weight gain, breastfeeding, or other factors, then a breast lift might be an excellent treatment for you. Schedule a consultation with our team to find out more.

Our breast lifts are non-surgical and non-invasive, so you will not require downtime after your procedure. You may experience some sensitivity for a few days following treatment, but you can return to your daily activities as soon as you leave our office.

A butt lift is a body sculpting treatment used to improve the appearance of a flat or sagging backside by contouring and reshaping the buttocks and tightening the skin and other tissues to provide a more attractive appearance.

A butt lift is a great choice for anyone who wants to life or enhance the contours of their buttocks and balance the proportions of their body.

  • No surgery or injections necessary
  • Minimal or no recovery time
  • Natural-looking results

Why Choose Skintology MedSpa

There are many practices that offer breast and buttock lifts, and other injectable treatments to give you the figure you want.  Skintology MedSpa by Dr. Jennifer Walden, however, is a state-of-the-art facility that uses advanced technology, such as radiofrequency and ultrasonic device technology as well as injectables, to give you a surgery-free treatment with less recovery time. Contact us today set up your consultation!

The statements herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This is a completely elective and cosmetic, off-label therapeutic not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Your physician can determine suitability and candidacy for this procedure at your consultation where an informed consent process is also performed prior to any treatment.

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