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Instant Thread Face Lift

Instant Thread Face Lift: The Non-Surgical Face Lift for Men and Women!


Say goodbye to sagging skin! The thread lift serves as a substitute for face lifts, creating a youthful appearance via absorbable sutures that lift and contour the skin. Founded in Russia in 1996, this minimally invasive cosmetic procedure has recently increased in popularity due to its noticeably tightening effects. At Skintology, our doctors use special techniques in order to create the best possible results. With over six years of experience, they specialize in lifting the skin painlessly and creating long-lasting results.


Thread Filler:

The Thread Filler is a new technique that can be used as a natural alternative to injectables. When performing this technique, the doctor places thread in an area of the face that lacks volume, causing collagen to form around the treated area. Results appear naturally, giving the skin a softer look.


Instant Thread Lift:

An instant thread lift works by repositioning the skin, ultimately lifting and tightening saggy skin without any surgical incisions. Inserting sutures into the skin, the doctor instantly tightens the affected area, causing it to increase collagen production.


V-Shape Thread Lift:

When aging occurs, facial tissues start to diminish and deteriorate and we lose the natural V-shape of a young, healthy face. Using a three-dimensional approach*, the doctor naturally enhances the contours of the face by repositioning the skin where volume has been lost. Results vary from person to person, but this skin tightening laser technique has a high rate of satisfaction. *Can be combined with fillers for fuller and younger-looking skin.


Recovery after Thread Lifts:

After procedures, especially more intense ones such as the V-Shape Thread Lift, patients may develop a minimal amount of swelling. Cold compresses help diminish swelling in the face. Patients may resume physical activity within one week of treatment.

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