Skintology Medical Spa offers instant thread face lifts to improve your appearance and give you a more youthful look. Thread lifts are an alternative to face lifts that work through absorbable sutures to lift and contour your skin. We invite you to call us at (212) 832-2225 to learn more about the benefits of instant thread face lifts in New York, New York, and schedule your consultation with our skilled face lift experts!

Thread lifts were invented in Russia in 1996, and have increased in popularity due to the minimally invasive nature of the treatment as well as the noticeable tightening effect on the skin. There are several thread lift techniques that are used to produce beautiful, long-lasting results. We are confident that our expertise and advanced technology can help you achieve the look you desire.

Some of the thread lift treatment techniques that we may use include:

  • Thread Filler – Thread fillers are an alternative to cosmetic injectables. We will place thread in the area of the face that lacks volume, which causes collagen to form around the treated area and create a natural and soft look.
  • Instant Thread Lift – Instant thread lifts help to reposition the skin by lifting and tightening saggy skin without any surgical incisions. By inserting sutures into the skin in strategically selected places, our thread lift experts instantly and effectively tighten the treatment area and increase collagen production.
  • V-Shape Thread Lift – As you age, the natural V-shape of a youthful and healthy face diminishes. V-Shape thread lifts work to enhance the contours of the face by repositioning the skin where volume has been lost and tightening the skin.

If you have any questions about instant thread lifts, and to set up your consultation with our skilled thread lift experts, please contact our office today.

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How do thread lifts work?

Thread lifts work by inserting small threads into your facial skin in strategic areas. These threads stimulate collagen to rejuvenate your face and provide you with a more youthful look. A local anesthetic may be necessary in some cases, but many patients can receive a thread lift without any anesthesia. After the needles with the threads are inserted, the needles are withdrawn, and the threads remain in place. The entire procedure takes about 30 minutes.

Are the sutures used in thread lifts permanent?

No. Your sutures are made of an absorbable material that slowly dissolve over a period of several months and leave no residual material behind. The new collagen and fibrous tissue that forms around the sutures remains in place and continues to hold up and tighten the skin.

Will I be able to see the threads?

No. The threads used are clear, and cannot be seen once they have been inserted into the skin.

Is there any downtime needed after treatment?

No. You can return to your normal activities the day after your treatment. You may experience mild swelling or bruising, and cover-up makeup may be necessary for several days. We recommend that you avoid strenuous exercises for a few days following your procedure as well.

When will I see the results?

Many people see minor results immediately following their procedure. The best results usually appear two to three weeks following treatment, as this gives the tissues time to form the collagen and fibrous connective tissue needed to enhance your appearance.

Why Choose Skintology

Many cosmetic practices offer face lifts to help patients achieve tighther skin and a more youthful appearance. At Skintology Medical Spa, however, our face lifts are performed in a more advanced, less invasive way to give you natural-looking results with minimal to no scarring. With thread lifts, your treatment will be invisible, but the results will give you the new, noticeable look you want. Contact us today to learn more, and to schedule your consultation!