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IPL – The Winter Wonder

Long cold winters wreak havoc on our skin causing a multitude of conditions and concerns which require a little
help to get you back on track. Osman Rana 714157 Unsplash  From over exfoliation, lack of vitamin C, the body having difficulty regulating
temperature, broken capillaries, also known as telangiectasia are more likely to appear when you’re trying your best to avoid them!

A broken capillary typically resembles a spider-like cluster of red lines close to the surface of the skin. Their size can vary from small painless dots to lines spreading across the cheeks and face. Because these veins are so superficial, they are easily traumatized and dilate to the point in which they cannot constrict again, meaning it is visible in its’ tiny bruise-like form.

With a home skincare regime, broken capillaries are preventable, however for those of you who are unable to see an improvement at home, Skintology Medspa can advise you on how to permanently reduce these intrusive blemishes and clear up your skin for the better! Laser or light-based procedures are the best course of treatment for permanent removal, such as;

Laser Vein Removal

At Skintology Medspa, we use state-of-the-art lasers to target a specific capillary using wavelength pulsed energy, without affecting the surrounding area. This fast-pulsed photo energy is absorbed by the hemoglobin (in the blood) in the minuscule vein which causes it to vaporize in the skin. This causes the capillary to collapse and dissolve, leaving you with a fresher and more youthful appearance, and less concealer! Our team of highly trained staff can advise and treat spider veins and capillaries anywhere on the body and you can carry on with your day without downtime!

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IPL / Photofacial

Intense Pulsed Light, often abbreviated to IPL, works in a similar way as laser vein removal involves scattered wavelengths being pulsed into the skin. When you receive a photofacial at Skintology Medspa, our IPL experts provide intense wavelengths of light to penetrate and rejuvenate your skin. These wavelengths of light work to remove discoloration and sun damage, and to even out your skin tone to give you healthier, clearer, and more attractive skin. Results are usually visible within one to three treatments, depending on the condition of your skin.


Expert Advice

As there are more probability that broken capillaries will occur throughout the winter months, our experts offer some advice on managing and maintaining your skin to ensure less redness and skin concerns;

  1. Avoid hot showers, as drastic temperature changes can negatively affect the integrity of the
    blood vessels causing them to dilate and leave those pesky visible veins around the cheeks,
    eyes, and areas of the body with superficial skin. B And A
  2. The pressure from continuous coughing and sneezing can also cause broken capillaries, so it is best to take care of within at a time when your immune system is crying out for nutrients and vitamins.
  3. Antioxidant qualities of Vitamin C means that it prevents the skin from rapid aging as well as promoting the skin’s natural synthesis of collagen and strengthening the integrity of the capillary walls!


With these treatments, they are the answer to removing broken capillaries, spider veins and dark spots that just won’t go away. It is important to remember to keep these concerns from returning, a home skincare regimen is the key to maintaining the work IPL or Laser Vein Removal has done.
If you have any questions, please give us a call at Skintology Medspa where we can happily answer any questions or concerns you may have at 212-832-2225. Our team will be happy to help determine which treatment is best for you.

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