Labiaplasty procedures under local anesthesia are now being offered and performed by Dr. Jennifer Walden at Skintology MedSpa. It is done under local anesthetic block with Valium taken by mouth so the patient will need someone to take them or drive them home.

What is Labiaplasty?Labiaplasty NYC

Labiaplasty is a type of procedure performed on the external genitalia. Labiaplasty reduces and shapes a woman’s external genitalia, the labia minor or labia majora, and can correct other concerns as well. Two common forms of labiaplasty are labia majora reduction and labia minora reduction.

Benefits of Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty is a popular procedure because it facilitates a woman’s self-confidence and because smaller, more proportionate external genitalia are less noticeable and more physically comfortable.

Who is a Candidate for Labiaplasty?

Candidates for labiaplasty are those who are seeking comfort from the above issues and want improve self-confidence. Candidates should be in good overall health. Those seeking vaginal rejuvenation should not plan on having any more children as the birthing process can cause operated-on tissue to re-open.

Recovery After Labiaplasty Surgery

After surgery, patients will experience swelling and mild-to-moderate pain. Painkillers may be prescribed to help with any pain. Post-operatively, patients will want to engage in only low-level activity for about five days. Exercise may be gradually resumed after two to three weeks. Dr. Walden has performed many surgical procedures and has a large amount of experience working with Labiaplasties.

Sexual intercourse should be avoided until at least 4 to 6 weeks after labiaplasty surgery. Engaging in sex too soon presents a risk of tearing. Tears may heal on their own, but can be frightening.


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