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Noninvasive Skin Tightening

Noninvasive Skin Tightening

Skintology MedSpa by Dr. Jennifer Walden offers laser, radiofrequency and ultrasonic energy-based devices to improve your appearance and tighten your skin for a more youthful look. Thanks to advancements in technology, we can now provide you with these noninvasive, nonsurgical alternatives to traditional tightening treatments.


We invite you to call us at (212) 832-2225 to learn more about laser skin tightening in New York, NY, and to schedule your consultation.

Skin Tightening Treatment Areas

Skin tightening is frequently used to treat:

  • Wrinkly and uneven skin
  • Fine lines around the facial features
  • Facial tones
  • Specific problem areas across the entire body

Exilis Ultra Noninvasive Skin Tightening

Our skilled laser skin tightening experts use the advanced Exilis Ultra laser to transmit radiofrequency (RF) and ultrasound energy into the skin to tighten it and reduce the signs of aging.

Exilis Ultra Skin Tightening Treatment Areas

The Exilis Ultra device can be used to target areas across your entire body, including:

  • The eyes (reducing bags under the eyes, as well as wrinkles and sagging skin)
  • The face (reducing sagging and wrinkled skin around the mouth, jawline, and forehead)
  • The body (including arms, back and chest areas, love handles, butt, thighs, elbows, breasts, and knees. This laser also helps minimize bulges and dimples and eliminate cellulite.)

This laser is also helpful in lifting and tightening the tissue and skin for patients receiving breast and butt lifts.

If you have any questions about laser skin tightening or Exilis Ultra, please contact our office today.

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Noninvasive Skin Tightening FAQs

Noninvasive skin tightening is a minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment that uses an advanced laser to heat the collagen under the skin’s surface and tighten the skin. This treatment helps to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and skin laxity to restore a firm, youthful appearance to your skin.

Before receiving your skin tightening treatment, remove all makeup, sunscreens, oils, or other substances on your skin. Our doctors will apply a topical anesthetic to the treatment site, and provide protective eyewear if necessary. A handpiece will be used to apply brief pulses of laser energy to the skin, while a continuous burst of cool air will be used to ensure your comfort. We may go over the treatment area several times to provide you with the best results.

Skin tightening treatments typically last 30-60 minutes.

Most patients receive a course of six treatments, with each treatment session performed at two- to four-week intervals. It may take up to four treatments before you begin seeing results, and improvement to your skin can continue for up to six months following completion of your treatment.

Your treatment should not be uncomfortable. We will provide a topical anesthetic to minimize discomfort prior to beginning treatment. You may feel a heating sensation during your treatment, which can be eased by the burst of cool air. It is also common to feel a mild stinging sensation. Any discomfort should dissipate within a few minutes after your treatment session, though the treated area may feel warm for up to 48 hours following your appointment.

There is no downtime required for recovery, and you will be able to return to your regular activities when you leave our office.

Why Choose Skintology Medspa for Skin Tightening?

Lasers are becoming more and more commonly-used in a variety of cosmetic settings. Skintology MedSpa by Dr. Jennifer Walden has been using lasers to rejuvenate and revitalize skin for years. In fact, we are one of the only New York medical spas to utilize radio frequency (RF) and ultrasound technology together with lasers. This allows us to achieve incredible anti-aging results across the body. We invite you to talk with our laser skin tightening experts to see if any of our laser skin treatments could be helpful to you.

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Disclaimer: The information listed by Skintology Medspa by Dr. Jennifer Walden is not intended to be taken as medical advice. The information is provided by us is intended to provide general information regarding non-surgical treatments for residents of New York City and nearby areas within New York. If you are interested in finding out more information, please contact us today for a consultation at 212-661-4100. Read our full disclaimer here and policies here.



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