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SculpSure For Men in New York

SculpSure For Men in New York

Men in New York love SculpSure because it is a 25 minute session, with zero downtime! SculpSure works best for the men who live active lifestyles but they still have stubborn, unwanted fat.

SculpSure fat removal works differently to reduce Fat content in your body by up to 30%.

SculpSure Benefits Include:

  • It takes as little as 25 minutes with ZERO downtime
  • No surgery means no recovery
  • Lose 2-3 inches
  • Stimulate collagen and elastin
  • 25% – 30% removes fat in target area

At Skintology, we offer for men fat reduction without surgery. The skin after the procedure leaves no marks, no injection. Finally this revolutionary procedures FDA approved, laser to remove fat without surgery.

The Abdomen

SculpSure for Men is a new procedure will finally help you melt your fat on your stomach. At Skintology, we custom a plan for your specific needs

The Love Handles

SculpSure gets rid of fat pockets especially in the love handles that it is ideal for stubborn fat around the love handles (medically known as flanks) that doesn’t go away as easily with diet and exercise.

FAQ — SculpSure For Men

Why is SculpSure better for men than liposuction?
Men in New York prefer SculpSure over Liposuction because it’s safer and more consistent. SculpSure requires no surgery as well as no down time therefore, making it more convenient for the average New Yorker. Liposuction requires making an incision in the skin that can leave marks as well as cause infections. SculpSure makes sure the skin’s surface is smooth and free from bacteria!

What are the risks of SculpSure compared to liposuction?
SculpSure is the most effective and the safest non-invasive fat reduction treatment available! Patients may feel a bit of soreness, swelling, tingling, redness, or tenderness after sessions which generally goes away within a few hours. Liposuction, however includes multiple risks such as anesthesia risks, infection, bruising, as well as a need for revision surgery.

How does SculpSure work for men?
SculpSure uses a low-level hypothermic laser to irritate the fat cells under the surface of the skin. Patients have reported to feeling a cooling sensation in the beginning of the treatment. The cooling sensation is on during the entire session, but patients have reported to feeling a heating sensation throughout the treatment, which is well-tolerated.

How long until I see results? How long does the results last?
Patients may start to see results as early as 6 weeks after treatment. During SculpSure, the treated fat cells are destroyed and will not regenerate, so no more fat forever!

How do I know if SculpSure is right for me?
Come in for a free consultation! Our technicians can help come up with a plan based on your body type!

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