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Non-invasive Skin Tightening NYCWhen patients want to improve their body contours, they may believe the only way to do so is with invasive plastic surgery. Fortunately, today’s technology allows patients to body contour without having to go “under the knife.” Dr. Jennifer Walden and her staff in New York, NY at Skintology MedSpa provides patients with solutions that ensure results without invasive procedures, including a treatment called Exilis Ultra.

Exilis Ultra is a device designed by BTL Aesthetics that can contour the body with radio frequency energy and ultrasound energy combined. This helps with body shaping and tightening of the skin to improve contours over time—with natural and gradual results. Others will ask if you’ve lost weight or “what looks different about you?” Keep them guessing with non-invasive body contouring solutions such as Exilis Ultra.

Is Exilis Ultra safe?

Absolutely! At Skintology MedSpa, we only offer services that are safe and appropriate for our patients. The Exilis Ultra device has been cleared by the FDA for use in body contouring and skin tightening. Our team has also been extensively trained in how to provide treatments for optimum safety and effectiveness.

How many sessions are required?

It is important that patients understand that Exilis Ultra is rarely a “one and done” procedure. Each treatment will provide increasing results, so with several sessions spaced weeks apart, patients will be able to achieve optimum results. We encourage patients to speak with our team during their initial consultation appointment to discuss how many sessions may be required to achieve the results they want and discuss the approximate cost of the entire process. For patients who are on a tighter budget, we proudly offer payment plan options to make treatments more affordable.

What are the benefits?

Exilis Ultra not only provides results, but it is:

  • Affordable
  • Non-invasive
  • Comfortable
  • Pain-free
  • Free from downtime

Interested in body sculpting without surgery?

Contact Dr. Jennifer Walden and the team at Skintology MedSpa today to discuss your options. Her practice is located on Floor 1 of 157 East 57th Street in New York, NY and can be reached for an appointment by calling (212) 832-2225.