DermaSweep vs. Traditional Microdermabrasion: Cost Effectiveness & Treatment Advantages
At Skintology Medical Spa, we want our patients to have the treatments and procedures that best fit them. DermaSweep is type of a microdermabrasion that uses a combination of brushes and a vacuum system to remove the topmost surface of the skin. After this layer is removed, the brush polishes and infuses serums into the skin’s tissue. The results are similar to those of traditional microdermabrasion, but with several key differences:

Because our doctor uses brushes instead of abrasive crystals, the overall procedure is often more comfortable for patients. This treatment is also precise and removes just the top skin layer, without leaving damage.

Easy Cleanup
Unlike our hygienic brushes, the crystals used in traditional microdermabrasion can get into patient’s hair and clothes, which can be difficult to remove.

Custom Treatment
With DermaSweep, our doctor can tailor your treatment! If a patient suffers from a skin condition or simply has sensitive skin, they can choose a gentler brush type for their procedure.

Effective with Other Treatments
Because there is no crystal reside, DermaSweep can be used with many other treatments. Before your DermaSweep treatment, our office can offer chemical peels and laser treatments to better improve your skin’s appearance.

Infusion Treatments
At the end of your DermaSweep procedure, concentrated serums will be applied to the skin’s pores where they can be effectively absorbed. We have a variety of serums to address a variety of skin problems, from acne and dryness to pigmentation issues.

Great for New Patients!
Coming in for the first time? Then we may recommend this gentle treatment to help minimize wrinkles, dull skin, acne, pigmentation and much more! To learn more about this procedure and how to schedule your appointment, call (212) 832-2225.

Learn more about DermaSweep treatments in New York, New York, and reach out to us today!

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What is DermaSweep?

DermaSweep uses a vacuum and brush system to gently polish and revitalize the skin’s surface. Serums are then infused into the skin’s surface to improve its appearance.

What can DermaSweep do?

With DermaSweep, patients can enjoy relief from a variety of skin issues, from treating dullness and dryness, to lessening acne symptoms.

What are the differences between DermaSweep and other treatments?

Because DermaSweep uses a brush system, there is no residue from microdermabrasion crystals. This allows our office to combine your treatment with chemical peels or laser skin treatments.