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November 10, 2016

Dark Spots Removal

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Laser Dark Spot Removal

Have you noticed patches of brown spots on your body? Dark spots, otherwise known as sunspots, are those brown patches that appear after time in the sun. They can be removed from almost any area of the body with a laser. While sunspots can be prevented by limiting sun exposure and wearing sunblock, they are rarely treatable by products alone. Dark spots treated by the laser are often gone forever, but continued time in the sun can cause new ones to grow.

What does the treatment do?

Cetera XEO is a multi-application workstation that we use at Skintology. The tool is used for various skin types. This type of light laser delivers an even complexion and erases—or nearly erases—dark spots on the skin. The laser sun spot removal works by re-energizing dark spots on the face via laser beam.


Sun exposure and tanning should be avoided for several days prior to your session.
Please do not apply make-up or lotion on the area.
Any antibiotics or Accutane should not be taken at least 3 weeks before your session.

The Session:

Each session is generally 10-15 minutes.*
Laser Dark Spots Reduction is done through a series of pulses after a cooling gel is applied to your skin.


The area may appear slightly red.
Keep skin clean and use sunblock with a minimum of SPF 30 daily.